Stolen Locomotive Parts

The Burglary Sunday July 16, 2012

In the early morning hours of Sunday July 16th 2012, four thieves spent about a half-hour loading their late-model white van with hundreds of pounds of 2926's parts.   Sadly, we expect they sold these irreplaceable 1940's vintage steel locomotive castings as scrap for only a few bucks.   The pictures below show the massive locomotive brake rod assemblies and odd-shaped cab-mount brackets that were among the parts stolen.   The theft of these parts by no means endangers the completion of the 2926 project, but it will cost NMSL&RHS a significant amount of resources in terms of both time and money to re-design and manufacture replacements.

The pictures below show just a few of the 1/2-ton or more of parts stolen that day.

The video below shows the crime, which commenced at 05:08 MDT (Mountain Day-light savings Time). The surveillance camera displays indicate 04:08 MST (Mountain Standard Time, which is one hour earlier).