News Articles Past & Present About AT&SF 2926 From Other Sources

 New Mexico Magazine
"Back On Track"
(December 2019)

 Trains Magazine
"Big Steam and PTC"
(Jul 2018)

Trains Magazine
"Big Steam is Back"
(Jun 2017)

 New Mexico State Legislature
"NM State Officially recognizes 2926"
(Feb 2016)

John H. Emery Rail Heritage Trust
"John H. Emery Trust awards NMSL&RHS $25,000 Grant"
(Aug 2015)

Trains Magazine
"$10K Preservation Award"
(Feb, 2015)

  ABQ Magazine
"Right On Track"
(Dec 14, 2014)

Tom E. Dailey Foundation
"Tom E. Dailey Foundation Awards $7,500 Grant"
(Aug 9, 2014)

"A Proposed New Home For 2926"
(Jun 24, 2012)

John  Moore, Jr.
"The Albuquerque Cabooses"
(June 23, 2013)

 Rio Rancho The Observer
"Rio Ranchoans get kicks
working on old 2926"
(Feb 1, 2009)

Albuquerque Journal
"City Buys Barelas Rail Yards
for $8.5 Million"
(Nov 15, 2007)

Albuquerque Journal
"Funds for Rail Yard OK'd"
(Nov 6, 2007)

Albuquerque Journal
"Railyard Project Could Be Closer"
(Oct 31, 2007)

Albuquerque Journal
"Train Under Renovation"
(Sept 12, 2007)

Albuquerque Journal
"Catch locomotive festivities near Downtown Duke City"
(May 8, 2005)

Albuquerque Journal
"Railyards May Become Film Studio"
(Oct 26, 2004)

Albuquerque Journal
"Train Plan On Right Track"
(Sept 29, 2004)

Albuquerque Tribune
"Choo, choo! Old 2926 is pulling out"
(June 24, 2000)

Albuquerque Tribune
"Rail yard rebirth"

 Albuquerque Tribune
"Full steam ahead, at a very patient pace"
(Sept 2015)

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